2pt perspective grid construction and interior rendering examples


2-PT Grid method with Measuring Points, 30/60 left justified,
based on David Opheim method.


This photograph provides a very clear representation of how parallel lines converge to a singular point on the horizon line (HL). Notice how each square tile is 2-dimensionally represented as a kind of diamond shape, and they become increasingly compressed or trapezoidal toward the left and right
of the photo, and especially lower, closer to the viewer.

Horizon Line = Eye Level of Viewer


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2-PT Grid method, left justified with estimated Measuring Points by David Lee.

If you're having trouble viewing the video, it is on YouTube here

Carry the grid vertically for walls and across the ceiling plane as well.
This grid has a 12' ceiling height with a 5' Horizon Line (HL) or Eye Level.

Base construction
drawing in graphite.
Katelyn von Tickner.

Graphite lighting study
with shadow casting.
Katelyn von Tickner.

Final marker and ink
on marker paper.
Katelyn von Tickner.

Interior drawing construction approximately 2 hours. 11x14" bond paper. Michael LaForte. 12/2015

Interior rendering approximately 1.5-2 hours. Marker, Color Pencils, and ink on 11x14" bond paper.
Michael LaForte. 12/2015

2pt perspective grid, interior perspective, interior rendering

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