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Students will find everything for my classes here, other than grades which are logged on Beachboard. Syllabi, class schedules, instructional videos, hyperlinks, project statements, and supporting content can all be found in this one home; saving us all a lot of grief.

Each course is broken out separately and with corresponding course assignments and supporting materials.

Students needing additional help in any specific area can find useful aides in the sidebar topics on the right.

Whenever possible, I have links to video demos and lecture notes hosted on my Youtube channel, LaForte Daily Demos, feel free to subscribe. Hopefully these will be helpful if you've missed a class and/or are having a hard time with a particular concept.

I make updates to the site regularly, so please refresh your browser every time you visit as there is new content added routinely. Most recently I just added the site search bar up above! Super cool!

Drawing and Rendering is a practiced skill and a bit of an art. It takes many hours and years of practice to develop eye-hand coordination and arm dexterity. All students are welcome to utilize this site for their own learning and growth.

Whether your interest is in cars, product design, architecture and interiors, exhibitions, environmental design, or fashion, design drawing and rendering, and computer graphics should be fun as you learn and grow. Learning and growing may at times be frustrating, but growing pains are letting you know you're doing something worthwhile. Have fun with your long night. If you're not having fun and getting lost in your sketches, you may be missing the point. There's nothing gained by rushing out bad work, so be patient and allocate ample time for trial and error. Drawing should be a simple joy, and the more you treat it like any other form of practice, it will be.

Email me with any suggestions for improvements.

Enjoy your design journey!

— Michael


* Estimate only. See instructor and calendar for specific due dates. Summer Session schedule is more compressed with one week equal to approximately two and half semester weeks.

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