This is a short hit list of my most commonly used short-cuts. For a more comprehensive list visit Adobe's Illustrator support page.

Cmd/Ctrl + R



Cmd/Ctrl + Z

Cmd/Ctrl + - / =

Cmd/Ctrl + 0

cmd/ctrl + ;

Space Bar

Rulers on/off

Text tool

Switch/toggle foreground/background colors

Undo, repeat to go back several times or use History

Zoom in / out

Zoom to Fit art to screen

Guides on/off


Macs use cmd key,

PC/Windows use ctrl key;

some rare differences

Note: case does not matter for the shortcut letters above, caps lock on or off doesn’t matter. However, if Caps Lock is on, you will not see your brush sizes (Eraser, Brush, Burn, Dodge, etc.)

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