Ortho, short for orthogonal means, of or involving right angles.

Graphic - Two-dimensional representation.

Therefore Orthographic Projections are simply put, measurable, dimensionable representations of front, side, top, etc. views of any given object, including architectural interior and exterior elevation views, front, side or top views of a product design, etc. They are the most commonly used method of communicating designs as they are most easy to understand and eliminate optical illusion issues that can be found in 3D representations. They are also most commonly used in "shop" drawings.

The principle is very basic, this illustration of a toy duck on mapped onto a box explains the concept perfectly.

For Rendering, see sidebar under Rendering / Orthographic Rendering

Blue glass drinking vessel design in Adobe Illustrator

Notice in both these examples, circular forms in plan view or top view, is simply flat in it's elevation view

Notice in this example, students often want to bend the object to represent the curvature away from the eye, this is incorrect. The example in red on the left is correct.

CityOne Limerick Sailboat Design Competition flat art
CityOne Limerick Sailboat Design Competition image comps





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