This is a system used by architects and interior designers for many decades as it is a very direct and quick method for developing complex spaces.


The videos below may help you work through the process. Don't be intimidated, it's quite easy once you get the hang of it. I recommend
watching them in full screen mode to see the details.

A Conference Room

Find the video on my YouTube channel LaForte Daily Demos

Note: There is an error with the vertical scale of this drawing. I thought the plan was at 3/8" scale,
but in fact it's at 3/16". The result is the vertical height on the VML is 2x too tall. Otherwise, the mechanics, method, and process is unaffected. The video below corrects this error.

An Executive's Corner Office

Find the video on my YouTube channel LaForte Daily Demos

It is also covered in Chapter 3 in Perspective and Sketching for Designers


And, extensively in Perspective for Interior Designers by John Pile


One of the great aspects of this system is it allows the designer to develop elevation views simultaneously; you just need a large enough work surface.



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