On this Nova front end study, the raw steel look was achieved using warm grey markers. Flaws and dents were also added to keep it looking raw. The polished bumper (below) was developed first, then dulled
down, giving the client a range of luster
values to choose from.


Below: Use Cool Greys in Contrast with Warm Greys together to suggest different metals, such as titanium (warm) vs aluminum (cool), or stainless steel (cool) vs cromoly steel (warm).

The steel-like rounded
edged cube with randomized
illuminated LED light track was
improvised over top of some other
sketching. The old lines coming through
the marker work gives it texture and character. Don't work too hard at making every marker stroke "perfect". Visual texture adds character.


Brushed stainless steel or aluminum will have some of the mirror reflection logic, but dulled. I also create more scratchy texture with an ultra-fine pen and dull the contrast down with a white prismacolor pencil.

This rendering by a student of brushed stainless steel mirror. Andreas Yanikian. See the whole rendering here.

* Estimate only. See instructor and calendar for specific due dates. Summer Session schedule is more compressed with one week equal to approximately two and half semester weeks.

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