This method has been changed with the most recent versions of Creative Cloud.

In Photoshop, the Save for Web option under the File Menu is a great way to create specific formats used online such as JPG, GIF, or PNG images when you're finished with your rendering. However, it is also very useful for capturing your process as you're working, effectively creating high quality captures of your image development which we will use when we create a book or poster that documents our process.

The images below walk you through these few steps.

In this class we'll use the JPG format. There are times when you GIF or PNG are better then choose these instead.

You can compare several different file formats at one time, choose 2-up or 4-up from here and you can optimize your image size and quality.

For our work in this class, make sure your JPG compression is on Maximum; in this case meaning maximum quality.

Likewise set the Quality to 100

When those are set, go ahead and Save

Choose where you want your file saved and then Save

In this window, Images Only will usually come up by default; make sure you double check it though...

Remember, in our labs, the primary boot drives are wiped clean and re-built each night to prevent viruses and ensure reliability. Make sure you save
and/or backup your work to your portable drive, flash drive, thumb drive,
to your personal cloud account or some other solution.

The S drive (CSULB Design Lab 103/105) is NOT erased each night.

Also, working directly from your USB thumb drive may be fine on small files, but you will notice significant lag and performance reduction when you work on large Photoshop files, ie. files with many layers and at a substantial resolution. It is not uncommon for an image to be upwards of a gigabyte. For optimal performance, copy your file to the desktop or S drive and work on this file.
At the end of the session, make sure you copy the file back to your backup device.

Cloud solutions are NOT recommended as these large files will take a
very long time to transfer.

Your time is valuable and I try to provide you with time-saving solutions
where ever possible.

* Estimate only. See instructor and calendar for specific due dates. Summer Session schedule is more compressed with one week equal to approximately two and half semester weeks.

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