Often, you'll receive a CAD drawing in PDF format in which all of the objects and layers are on one layer, but for a variety of reasons it would be helpful for your work to be able to separate the elements back out into separate layers. Illustrator allows us to select lines (or strokes) and fills by a few different criteria.

Get started by Creating a New Layer, select the little icon in the Layers Palette...


Select a Line or Fill which you want to grab more similar ones at the same time, such as "I want all the lines that have this same stroke weight, color, or other attribute..."

Go to the Select Menu > Same >

Here you can choose your criteria: Same Stroke Color, Same Stroke Weight, Fill Color, Fill & Stroke, etc.


With the lines (or fills) selected, in the Layers Palette, look at the far right of the Layer 1, the blue square tells us that something or many things have been selected on that layer.

Click and Drag that little square straight up to Layer 2.


All of these lines are now on Layer 2, and their selection highlight color will reflect the color assigned to that layer, in this case they went from Blue when selected on Layer 1 to being Red when selected on Layer 2.

You can no w modify the stroke weight or color all together on that layer.





* Estimate only. See instructor and calendar for specific due dates. Summer Session schedule is more compressed with one week equal to approximately two and half semester weeks.

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